Painfulness and beauty that remai
n in vogue ~the music Luby Sparks
aim to leave~ : Newave Japan

Timeless shock

ーLuby Sparks’s music has a strong taste of the 80s and the 90s. When did you encounter that kind of music?

My parents would play foreign music at home all the time. My dad loved
and my mom loved
, means they both liked soul or R&B. When I first got my own CDs, I was in Junior-high, I was really into
. Until I entered high-school, I was listening to the rock music trending at that time like
. Then I started working part-time at Tower Record after entering high-school, where I gradually got deep into the 90s’ Alternative rock, Shoegazing and guitar pop.

ーWhat made you want to listen to the 90s?

I saw a video of
, a band that our producer
belongs to, being on TV on YouTube and that was a total shock to me. The sound I heard was completely different from any music I knew. The volume of the guitar was so loud, the sound of it was insanely distorted, the riff was stuck in my head and the vocal sang languorously, and I got like “What the heck is that!?” From that experience, I started to listen to bands influenced them, such as
ーAlthough it was music in the past, you found it fresh and new.

Exactly. Though I always liked foreign music, I was only listening to melodic music like Arctic Monkeys, so it was interesting for me to know there were different types of rock exist.
ーWhat about you, Erika?

I was brought up in an environment where foreign music was always played at home as well. My mom used to play in a punk band and she dragged me into it. She played
a lot, and my dad would play hard and manly kind, like
ーWhat was the music you first listened to voluntarily?

I loved
and listened to her first album “Let Go” the most. It was simply so cool. I also liked
so much that I would copy
’s outfit.
ーSo you used to listen to foreign music all the time. What about Japanese ones?

Well, I used to only listen to foreign music, but my co-worker at Tower Record told me about
and I got shocked such band existed in the 90s in Japan. Now it’s my favorite Japanese band.
Since then I’ve listened to other Japanese bands but I always find myself liking the 90s’ bands like
. We formed the band Luby Sparks hoping to play music to be listened to for long like 90s’.


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